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SEN Singer.jpg
Background information
Birth name Anthony Sandoval
Genres Pop, Rock
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter
Years active 2000 to present
Labels Indo Studios
WAU Representaciones
Associated acts Social Cleavage

SEN (born Anthony Sandoval) is a Venezuelan singer born in Caracas in Caracas in 1984, but was raised in Spain.

His father was a Venezuelan actor, and his mother a sponsor of the arts. He began his musical career at age 16. He started up a reggae-rock band during his studies in England, Social Cleavage, and for a period of 3 years, he composed and sung in this band (in English).

Later on he travelled extensively through Asia and the USA, leaving his musical career aside to study at the University of London, and after that dedicated himself to several businesses.

His older sister, an operatic and baroque music singer, inspired SEN to once again take up his true passion, music and his younger sister had started a rock band. With help from his third sister, a film producer and PR specialist, he embarked on this drastic career change.

SEN went back to Latin-America, and with scarce means he decided to record his first álbum and started promoting his songs, some of which he had written years back. He resorted to several talented musicians he had met previously. Fortunately, his girlfriend introduced him to the musical producer Icho Vincenti, and together they ventured into recording the first EP. This took place in an isolated studio in the middle of Bolivia, the nearest city being Santa Cruz.

SEN’s music, whilst maintaining itself in an Alternative Pop Rock genre, is inspired by reggae, rock, techno, soul, jazz and flamenco, together with a mix of ethnic and traditional instruments from around the world.


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