The Battle of the Rails

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La Bataille du rail
Directed by René Clément
Written by René Clément
Starring Marcel Barnault
Jean Clarieux
Cinematography Henri Alekan
Distributed by Burstyn-Mayer Inc. (US)
Release dates
27 February 1946 (France)
26 December 1949 (NYC)
Running time
85 minutes
Language French

The Battle of the Rails (French: La Bataille du rail) is a 1946 war movie directed by René Clément which tells the courageous efforts by French railway workers to sabotage Nazi reinforcement-troop trains.

The film was shown at the 1946 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Prix international du jury and Clément won the Best Director Award. The film also won the inaugural Prix Méliès. The film was distributed in the U.S. by Arthur Mayer and Joseph Burstyn.

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