La Bible amusante

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La Bible amusante pour les grands et les enfants
An illustration from La Bible amusante
Author Léo Taxil
Illustrator Frid'rick
Country France
Language French
Subject Religion
Genre Humour
Publisher Libraire anticléricale
Publication date
Pages 400
OCLC 15011914
Preceded by Calotte et calotins, histoire illustrée di clergé et des congrégations
Followed by L'empoisonneur Léon XIII et les cinq millions du chanoine

La Bible amusante pour les grands et les enfants (English: The Amusing Bible for Grown-ups and Children) was a book by Léo Taxil with illustrations by Frid'rick published in 1882 by Libraire anticléricale, in which he pointed out what he considered to be inconsistencies, errors and false beliefs.[1] At the time of publication the author was accused of irreverently mocking the Bible.[2] The Times called for the book to be suppressed.[3]


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