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Genre Comedy
Format Live-action
Created by Pedro Ortíz de Pinedo
Developed by RTI
Country of origin Mexico
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 100
Executive producer(s) Pedro Ortíz de Pinedo
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Original channel Cartoon Network (Latin America)
Canal 5 (Mexico)
Ecuavisa (Ecuador)
Boing Spain (Spain)
Boing Italy (Italy)
UniMás (U.S.)
Original airing Latin America:
August 6, 2012 – present
March 4, 2013 – present
September 21, 2013 - present
Preceded by Una familia de diez

La CQ is a Mexican-Venezuelan "live-action" television series created by Pedro Ortíz de Pinedo, and produced by RCTV studios. The series achieved high audiences, its original broadcasting time was 11AM, 4PM and 6PM, the series is currently broadcast Monday through Friday on Cartoon Network in Latin America and Mexico at 5:30 PM.

The series premiered on August 6, 2012, the second season premiered on December 6, 2012. As of September 2013, it has started broadcasting on UniMás Saturday mornings in the U.S.


  • Angel

Angel is the older brother of Adri, and he is usually not the smartest of that fraternity. He is in love with Clara. He is the captain of the soccer team of the CQ. He is friendly and he is considered very handsome.

  • Beto

Beto is the smartest of the group with a high IQ. Angel's friend, and best friends with Adri and Monche, despite being smart, he is not considered very handsome. He has a crush on Dani.

  • Clara

Clara is Angel's girlfriend and Adri's best friend. She's smart but sometimes considered a little cheesy especially when it comes talking about Angel. Her archenemy is Jenny, and is the most "normal" out of the gang.

  • Monche

Monche is the most naive of the group. He is the comedian in the group. He often tells nonsensical jokes or says dumb comments. He sometimes spies on the cheerleaders or sneaks into the girls' restroom. His IQ is not very high.

  • Adri

Adri is Angel's younger sister. She is smarter than her older brother, and she hates being feminine and is more of a tomboy, except the episodes where she is forced to be a model for a fashion show and where she dresses like a cheerleader. Adri likes to hang out more with Roque and like sports.

  • Jenny

Jenny is one of the school's cheerleader and is very mean. She has a crush on Angel, although Angel never has liked her. Clara and Adri are considered her archenemies. She is considered the most girly and likes to be the center of attention. Danny is her cousin and considered her sidekick. She is the daughter of the principle. Even though she is a mean girl, she is a friend of the crew.

  • Dani

Danny is the other nimwitt of the gang. She doesn't catch on very fast. She has a crush on Beto and she carries a doll named "Clementina". She is Jenny's cousin and sidekick. She is the niece of the principle. She is a very good friend of the crew.

  • Roque

Roque is a bully. He has been in junior high for 5 years. He loves to bully students but mostly Monche and Beto. He has a crush on Jenny, although Jenny doesn't like him. Even though he is a bully, he is a good friend of Monche, Beto, Jenny, Danni, Adri, Clara, and Angel.

Commercial Production[edit]

The characters in La CQ were in commercial campaigns for Cartoon Network's: "Enough of Bullying", were also used to Cartoon Network Latin America bumpers to mark commercial spaces, and to start series, these bumpers were removed from the air in October 2012.