La Danse de la fontaine emergente

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Danse de la fontaine émergente (2008) is the most recent monumental fountain constructed in Paris. It is located on Place Augusta-Holmes, rue Paul Klee, in the 13th arrondissement. It was designed by the French-Chinese sculptor Chen Zhen (1955–2000).

La Danse de la fontaine émergente, Place Augusta-Holmes, Paris (13th arronissement)
The water within the dragon is under pressure and illuminated at night


The fountain is designed to resemble a dragon winding its way around the square, emerging and submerging from the pavement. The skin of the dragon is transparent, showing the water flowing within. It is constructed of stainless steel, glass, and plastic.

The fountain is in three parts. A bas-relief of the dragon is fixed on the wall of the structure of the water-supply plant, and the dragon seems to be emerging from the wall and plunging underground. This part of the dragon is opaque. The second and third parts depict the arch of the dragon's back coming out of the pavement. These parts of the dragon are transparent, and water under pressure flows within, and is illuminated at night.


The fountain was commissioned by the City of Paris in 1999, and inaugurated on February 6, 2008. The artist died in 2000, but left sketches showing how the fountain should look. The project was relaunched by the City of Paris in 2001, and finished by Xu Min, the spouse and collaborator of the sculptor. The fountain was financed by the CIty of Paris and the Ministry of Culture of France.

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