La Gran Fiesta

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La Gran Fiesta
La gran fiesta.jpg
Poster of the film
Directed by Marcos Zurinaga
Produced by Roberto Gándara
Marcos Zurinaga
Written by Ana Lydia Vega
Marcos Zurinaga
Starring Daniel Lugo
Cordelia González
Miguel Ángel Suárez
Laura Delano
Fernando Quiñones
Raúl Dávila
E.G. Marshall
Distributed by Moreno Films
Release dates
Language Spanish

La Gran Fiesta (in English, The Great Party) is a 1985 Puerto Rican film, written and directed by Marcos Zurinaga, based on a story by Ana Lydia Vega.

The film chronicles the celebration of the last high-class party held at the Casino of Puerto Rico before it was handed down to the United States military.

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