La Huacana

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La Huacana
La Huacana
La Huacana is located in Mexico
La Huacana
La Huacana
Location of La Huacana in Mexico
Coordinates: 18°58′15″N 101°48′46″W / 18.97083°N 101.81278°W / 18.97083; -101.81278Coordinates: 18°58′15″N 101°48′46″W / 18.97083°N 101.81278°W / 18.97083; -101.81278
Country Mexico
State Michoacán
Municipality La Huacana
Founded March 12, 1907
Elevation[1] 2,000 m (7,000 ft)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 32,700
Time zone CST (UTC-6)
 • Summer (DST) CDT (UTC-5)
Area code(s) 425
Website www

La Huacana is a municipality in the south-central part of the Mexican state of Michoacán. The municipality has an area of 1,952.60 square kilometres (3.32% of the surface of the state)[2] and is bordered to the north by the municipalities of Nuevo Urecho and Ario, to the east by Turicato, to the south by Churumuco and Arteaga, and to the west by Múgica and Apatzingán. The municipality had a population of 31,774 inhabitants according to the 2005 census.[3] Its municipal seat is the city of the same name.

Historical Review[edit]

During pre-Hispanic times, the people of this place, was submitted to the territorial domain of the manor Tarascan by the successors of Tariácuri: Hiquíngare, Tanganxoán and Hirépan, that to secure the payment of taxes to Cupauxanti appointed as chief.

In the sixteenth century, with the arrival of the Spanish, made after the conquest in Apatzingan, La Huacana parcel was delivered to Mr. Juan Pantoja.

In the eighteenth century, in the year 1789, Don José María Morelos,ranked the parish of Tamacuaro Aguacana.

In the year 1795, in this region the volcano erupted Jorullo, seriously affecting the village.

On November 20, 1861, the State Congress, decreed the creation of the municipality of La Huacana, and subsequently was withdrawn that category.

The March 12, 1907, was reinstated as Municipality.

Famous people[edit]

Don Ernesto Rodriguez. - Without being a native of this county out as social activist making the distribution of land, giving birth to the ejido La Huacana, the 1st. May 1936 and 1937 came to the town hall, being killed on December 4, 1937 as a result of the same land distribution.

Chronology of Historical Facts[edit]

1789. Don José María Morelos, ranked parish municipality of La Huacana.

1795. The volcano erupts Jorullo.

1861. Creation of the municipality of La Huacana, category subsequently was withdrawn.

1907. It again gives the category of municipality.


Huacana is a word of Chichimeca origin that means "Place of Dresses" another version as to the origin of the name is that it was described only as "A place where a grey hair is floated on the water" by an indigenous inhabitant when she was asked the region's name [4]


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