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La Luna (or LaLuna) was a rock-'n'-roll nightclub in Portland, Oregon, United States from 1992 to 1999. It played a central role in Portland's prominence during the emergence of grunge in that era, helping to propel bands from Portland and the surrounding area like Sweaty Nipples, The Dharma Bums, Pond, Hitting Birth, Hazel, The Spinanes, Elliott Smith, Everclear, The Dandy Warhols, and Quasi to national stardom.[1] It was described as the "best medium-size venue in Portland. It's also an all-ages venue that somehow manages to stay cool."[2]

Located at the corner of Southeast Ninth Avenue and Southeast Pine Street, La Luna was previously known as the Ninth Street Exit (in the 1970s) and the Pine Street Theater (1980–1986).[1] It was later known again as the Pine Street Theater (2000–02) and later as Solid State (2004–05).


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Coordinates: 45°31′16.36″N 122°39′25.11″W / 45.5212111°N 122.6569750°W / 45.5212111; -122.6569750