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For the Cuban town, see La Máquina, Cuba. For the Spanish prog rock band, see Màquina!.
La Máquina: Muñoz, Moreno, Pedernera, Labruna, and Loustau

La Máquina (Spanish for "the Machine") is a nickname given to the River Plate team of the early 1940s. The core group of la Máquina were forwards Juan Carlos Muñoz, José Manuel Moreno, Adolfo Pedernera, Ángel Labruna, and Félix Loustau. Together, they won four Primera División in that decade.


The nickname was given to them by Borocotó, a Uruguayan sports journalist working for El Gráfico, after River Plate defeated Chacarita Juniors 6–2 in June 1942.[1]

For its style of play, La Máquina is often considered a "predecessor" of the famous Clockwork Orange as it was nicknamed the Netherlands national football team that played the 1974 FIFA World Cup.


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