La Miel River

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La Miel
Mouth Magdalena River
Basin countries Colombia
Length 104[1]
Avg. discharge 243[1]
Basin area 1,105 km2 (427 sq mi)

La Miel is a river in Colombia and a tributary of the Magdalena River. The river originates in the Cordillera Central of the Andes and its watershed is located within the Caldas Department. Tributaries of La Miel include the Tenerife, Salado, Manso, Moro, Pensilvania, Samana and Dulce rivers. The Miel I Dam is situated on the river.[2]


Coordinates: 05°46′13″N 74°40′19″W / 5.77028°N 74.67194°W / 5.77028; -74.67194