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La Montaña ('The Mountain') was a revolutionary socialist periodical published in Argentina. The newspaper was directed by José Ingenieros and Leopoldo Lugones. The first issue was published on April 1, 1897.[1] The first issue opened with a manifesto, titled "We are Socialists." It was continued by an article against the state ('The Society without a state'), which continued into the second and third issues. La Montaña argued that the state was the result of private property and called for its abolition.[2]

Some of the most provocative content of La Montaña were the attacks on the influence of the Catholic Church by Ingenieros.[2]

Ingenieros later become a prominent sociologist in Argentina whilst Lugones became a prominent national right-wing poet.[3]

The twelve issues of La Montaña were republished by the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes in 1996.[2]