La Morté Sisters

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LaMorté Sisters
Publication information
Publisher Zuda imprint of DC Comics
Schedule New Screen Every Wednesday
Format Ongoing webcomic series
Publication date 2009–ongoing
Creative team
Writer(s) Tony Trov
Johnny Zito
Artist(s) Christine Larsen
Creator(s) Tony Trov
Johnny Zito
Christine Larsen

LaMorté Sisters is a webcomic from DC imprint Zuda Comics, created by Tony Trov, Johnny Zito and Christine Larsen. It was selected as Zuda's Instant Winner in October, 2009.[1]


While on a family trip, Maddie and her parents were savagely attacked by a crazed man. Though her parents were not so lucky, Maddie survived due to the intervention of a silent savior who slew her assailant. Dazed and confused, Maddie finds herself on a bus to the LaMorte Home for Lost Girls. It is a special place that helps wayward young ladies deal with their peculiar condition. Under the watchful eye of these LaMorte Sisters, Maddie will discover the mysteries that lie beneath her imposed, new home.[2]



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