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La Norte (also La Curva Norte or The Northside) is a football supporters' club affiliated with Major League Soccer side D.C. United. The club was founded in 2001 when members of La Barra Brava left section 135 of RFK Stadium to form a new club. The club was originally situated in section 120 of RFK, as the section sat directly behind the north goal. The club takes its name from their preferred location on the north side of the stadium. La Norte were forced to change sections with the arrival of the Washington Nationals baseball franchise, and the subsequent reconfiguration of RFK's seating to accommodate a baseball diamond. La Norte is now situated in section 118, next to the opposing players' dugout and entrance (for baseball and soccer, respectively).

La Norte is noted for the throwing of streamers, its large drum, and constant harassment of the opposition, especially as they enter and exit the field having to pass La Norte's section.

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