La Rivière, Manitoba

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La Rivière is a community in Manitoba, Canada. It is located 11 km west of the town of Manitou on Highway 3. It is classified as a local urban development of Manitou. It is located in the Rural Municipality of Pembina. There are approximately 200 people living in La Riviere. La Riviere was founded 1886 by Metis Franco-Manitobans, however it is predominantly English speaking. It has 2 hotels, a Credit Union, a mechanic's garage, a 5 lift ski hill, 2 bars/lounges, both with restaurants. The LUD boasts a lovely full service campground at the edge of town that backs onto the Pembina River. La Riviere is also home to Hamm-tone Guitars and Mandolins and the Pembina Valley Guitar Building Course.


Coordinates: 49°14′18″N 98°40′44″W / 49.23833°N 98.67889°W / 49.23833; -98.67889