The Truth (1960 film)

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The Truth (La Vérité)
Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot
Produced by Raoul Lévy
Written by Henri-Georges Clouzot
Véra Clouzot
Simone Drieu
Jérôme Géronimi
Michèle Perrein
Christiane Rochefort
Starring Brigitte Bardot
Charles Vanel
Paul Meurisse
Cinematography Armand Thirard
Edited by Albert Jurgenson
Distributed by Kingsley-International Pictures Inc. (USA)
Release dates 2 November 1960
Running time 130 minutes
Country France
Language French

The Truth (French: La Vérité) is a 1960 French film directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot. A courtroom drama in which a young woman, accused of the murder of her lover, finds herself on trial as much for her morals and lifestyle as for the actual murder. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.[1]


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