La Villuerca

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La Villuerca
Risco de la Villuerca
Monasterio de Guadalupe.jpg
La Villuerca on the right above Santa María de Guadalupe monastery
Elevation 1,603 m (5,259 ft)
La Villuerca is located in Spain
La Villuerca
La Villuerca
Location Las Villuercas comarca
Range Sierra de las Villuercas, Montes de Toledo
Coordinates 39°28′6″N 5°24′5″W / 39.46833°N 5.40139°W / 39.46833; -5.40139Coordinates: 39°28′6″N 5°24′5″W / 39.46833°N 5.40139°W / 39.46833; -5.40139
Type Granite
First ascent Unknown
Easiest route Drive from Navezuelas or Guadalupe
Navezuelas seen from La Villuerca

La Villuerca, also known as Risco de la Villuerca, Pico la Villuerca[1] and Pico de las Villuercas is the highest peak of the Sierra de Villuercas range, also known as Sierra de Guadalupe.

It is located 6 km west of Guadalupe town in Las Villuercas comarca, Cáceres Province, Extremadura, Spain and is the highest point of the greater Montes de Toledo system.[2]


La Villuerca has an elevation of 1,603 metres above sea level and is a conspicuous mountain that can be seen from quite a distance in the surrounding landscape. This peak has an ancient name that has been documented since 1353 and it gives its name to Las Villuercas comarca.[3]

There is a narrow paved road leading to the mountaintop where there are abandoned military installations of the former Base Centro Táctico, CT2 ,Guadalupe-Villuercas with tall antennas and a heliport.[4] The peak is often covered with snow in the winter.[5]

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