La Voz (Spanish TV series)

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La Voz
La Voz Spain.jpg
La Voz title card.
Genre Reality television
Created by John de Mol
Roel van Velzen
Presented by Jesús Vázquez
Tania Llasera
Judges David Bisbal
Rosario Flores
Melendi (Season 1)
Antonio Orozco (Season 2)
Country of origin Spain
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Location(s) California
Running time 150 minutes
Production company(s) Talpa
Boomerang TV
Original channel Telecinco
Picture format 576i (SDTV 16:9)
1080i (HDTV)
Original run 19 September 2012 (2012-09-19) – present
Related shows The Voice of Holland
The Voice (U.S.)
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La Voz (Spanish for The Voice) is a Spanish reality talent show that premiered on 19 September 2012 on Telecinco. It is part of the international syndication The Voice based on the original Dutch television program The Voice of Holland, created by Dutch television producer John de Mol.[1][2]

One of the important premises of the show is the quality of the singing talent. Four coaches, themselves popular performing artists, train the talents in their group and occasionally perform with them. Talents are selected in blind auditions, where the coaches cannot see, but only hear the audition.

The series is hosted by Jesús Vázquez, with Tania Llasera as social media correspondent. The original judging panel consisted of David Bisbal, Rosario Flores, Malú and Melendi as the four coaches. In the second season, Antonio Orozco replaced Melendi.



The show consists of three phases: a blind audition, a battle phase, and the live performance shows. Four judges also known as coaches, all noteworthy recording artists from Spain, choose teams of contestants through a blind audition process. Each judge has the length of the auditioner's performance (about one minute) to decide if he or she wants that performer on his or her team; if two or more judges want the same performer (as happens frequently), the performer has the final choice of which coach's team to join.

After the coaches fill each respective slots in their team the batch of singers in the team is mentored and developed by its respective coach. In the second stage, called the battle phase, coaches have two of their team members battle against each other directly by singing the same song together in a stage that look like a battle ring, with the coach choosing which team member to advance from each of individual "battles" into the first live round.

Within that first live round, the surviving four acts from each team again compete head-to-head, with public votes determining one of two acts from each team that will advance to the final eight, while the coach chooses which of the remaining three acts comprises the other performer remaining on the team.

In the final phase, the remaining contestants compete against each other in live broadcasts. The television audience and the coaches have equal say 50/50 in deciding who moves on to the final 4 phase. With one team member remaining for each coach, the (final 4) contestants compete against each other in the finale with the outcome decided solely by public vote.

Development, production and marketing[edit]

Mediaset Spain acquired the rights of the franchise back in 2011 after the success of the US counterpart. Initially it was expected to air on Cuatro, but in November 2011 Mediaset confirmed the show would premiere on the group’s main channel instead in spring 2012.[3][4][5] Later, in February 2012 the air date was moved to fall 2012 and Jesús Vázquez, who had previous experience presenting talent shows like Popstars and Operación Triunfo, was confirmed as host.[6] The names of the four coaches were confirmed by February 2012: David Bisbal, Malú, Rosario Flores and Melendi.[7] Filming for the blind auditions stage of the competition began on 21 August 2012.[8] On 29 August 2012 it was made known that Tania Llasera would serve as the social networking correspondent.[9] The premiere, scheduled for 19 September 2012, was preceded two days before by a preview that aired simultaneously on all channels of the Mediaset Spain group.[10]

Season Summary[edit]

Coaches and Finalists[edit]

     – Winning Coach/Contestant. Winners are in bold, eliminated contestants in small font.
     – Runner-Up Coach/Contestant. Final contestant first listed.
     – 2nd Runner-Up Coach/Contestant. Final contestant first listed.
     – 3rd Runner-Up Coach/Contestant. Final contestant first listed.
Season Coaches
David Bisbal Rosario Flores Malú Melendi
  • Rafa Blas
  • Paco Arrojo
  • Yanela Brooks
  • Brequette Shana
  • Nieves Hidalgo
  • Lola Dorado
  • Jorge González
  • Angélica Leyva
  • Anabella Arregui
  • Emmanuel Lehmann
  • Anael Santana
  • Mónica Guech
  • Pau Piqué
  • Iolanda Rodríguez
  • Núria Martínez
  • Rebeca Moscardó
  • Efrén García
  • Héctor Roldán
  • Maika Barbero
  • Neus Ferri
  • Susanna del Río
  • Paula Rojo
  • Eduardo Ruimán
  • Claritzel Miyares
Season David Bisbal Rosario Flores Malú Antonio Orozco
  • Dina Arriaza
  • Darío Benítez
  • Jordi Galán
  • Álex Escribano
  • Tina Riobo
  • Susana Sheiman
  • Estela Amaya
  • Idoia Bediaga
  • Ivet Vidal
  • Gabrielle Serrini
  • Sandra Rodrigo
  • Brigitte Emaga
  • David Barrull
  • Silverio Belmonte
  • Amynata Sow
  • Mandy Santos
  • Alba Lucía López
  • Janyssha Lyon
  • Jaume Mas
  • Damon Robinson
  • Cristina Rueda
  • Ainhoa Aguilar
  • Agustín Tirado
  • David Velardo
Season 3 Alejandro Sanz Laura Pausini Malú Antonio Orozco

Season details[edit]

Season 1: 2012[edit]

Season 1 premiered on Telecinco on 19 September 2012. The first episode kicked-off with 4.591 viewers (30.6% market share), becoming an instant success.[11] The final, on 19 December 2012, was watched by 5.453 million viewers, a market share of 37.3%.

The winner of the first season was Rafa Blas.

Season 2: 2012[edit]

One week before the successful Season 1 was over, on 13 December 2012, Telecinco announced that they had renewed the show for a second season in 2013.[12] On 22 January 2013, Melendi announced that he would not continue as a coach on the second season.[13] On 5 June 2013, it was confirmed that Melendi would be replaced by Antonio Orozco, whereas Bisbal, Flores and Malú continued.[14] Filming for the second season began on 15 July 2013.[15] The second season premiered on 16 September 2013,[16] garnering 3.438 million viewers (23.3% market share) in the official ratings.[17]

La Voz Kids[edit]

After the ratings success of the first season of La Voz, Telecinco announced that they would produce La Voz Kids, where 8-14 year olds compete against each other. Filming began on 31 July 2013. The presenters are the same as in the "adult" version and the coaches are three instead of four: David Bisbal, Rosario Flores and Malú.[18] La Voz Kids premiered on 6 February 2014.[19] For the second season, Malú was replaced by Manuel Carrasco.[20]

Coaches and Finalists[edit]

     – Winning coach/contestant. Winners are in bold, eliminated contestants in small font.
     – Runner-Up Coach/Contestant. Final contestant first listed.
     – 2nd Runner-Up Coach/Contestant. Final contestant first listed.
Season Coaches
David Bisbal Rosario Flores Malú
1 Raúl Vidal "El Balilla"
Eva Ruiz
Carlos Alfredo Colina
Triana Sánchez
Alba Blázquez
María Parrado
Pilar Bogado
Carlos Weinberg
Season 2 David Bisbal Rosario Flores Manuel Carrasco


Premios Ondas[21][edit]

Year Category Result
2012 Mejor Programa de Entretenimiento (Best Entertainment Program) Won

Premios Iris[22][edit]

Year Category Result
2013 Premio Especial (Special Prize) Won


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