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La yumba (zhoóm-ba) is a tango created by Osvaldo Pugliese in 1946.

The term yumba - despite its indigenous origin - was not chosen by Pugliese for its etymology but for its onomatopoeic similarity with the profound gasping from a bandoneón - and the resulting mixture of that sound with other orchestra arrangements.[1]

Pugliese declared that the unrelenting rhythm was inspired by the noises of metalworking. The tango has been a dance favorite, and remains Pugliese's signature tune.

The tango was performed in Buenos Aires' Teatro Colón on December 26, 1985 during the Osvaldo Pugliese's 80th anniversary, standing out as one of the first tangos played into the facilities of the famous classic-music theatre. It was also featured in the 1985 film El exilio de Gardel directed by Fernando Solanas (where Pugliese's orchestra performs live), and in the 1997 film, The Tango Lesson, directed by Sally Potter.


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