La cambiale

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La cambiale
La cambiale.jpg
Directed by Camillo Mastrocinque
Produced by Franco Palaggi
Written by Luigi Magni, Vittorio Metz, Roberto Gianviti
Starring Totò, Peppino De Filippo, Ugo Tognazzi, Vittorio Gassman, Aroldo Tieri, Sandra Mondaini, Raimondo Vianello
Music by Carlo Innocenzi
Cinematography Alvaro Mancori
Release date(s) 1959
Running time 105 min
Country Italy
Language Italian

La cambiale is a 1959 Italian comedy film directed by Camillo Mastrocinque.[1][2]


The well-known financier Commendatore Pierluigi Bruscatelli (Aroldo Tieri) after paying a bill with two swindlers, cousins Posalaquaglia (Totò and Peppino De Filippo), is arrested. In prison cellmate tells the whole theory on promissory notes, a theory which explains the episodes of the film.

The cousins Posalaquaglia convince their landlord, cavalier Themistocles Needs (Pavese), to accept in payment of six months of back rent Bruscatelli of the bill.

With this bill the knight needs to buy Michele (Vittorio Gassman) a hunting dog of uncertain origin, disguised as a setter pure breed. Michael is the only representative from the store and is constantly humiliated by the owner Ottavio (Paolo Ferrari), the brother of his girlfriend (Giorgia Moll) that does not look kindly on this engagement.

Michael is forced to work as humiliating wash dogs while pretending to woo their old master, in reality dreams love affairs with beautiful women of that high society of which only treats animals. Michele is confident with Prince Alexis, who is familiar with taking care of his two magnificent Scottish shepherds and receives guidance on trendy nightclubs and on how to seduce a woman.

The opportunity to apply these tips immediately presented in the store when the desert comes Odette Mercury (Koscina). Michele taking on a leash the greyhounds of the prince pretends to be the prince, and so is able to obtain a date for that evening. The return of these Ottavio is angry with Michael for having accepted the bill and then, as punishment, the bill turns itself Michele as advance payment of salary.

But the nasty surprise is that same evening appointment with Odette. After dinner in a fancy restaurant, Odette invites Michael to his house and after a night of love Odette proves to be a high-class prostitute and poor Michael is forced to pay the bill of Bruscatelli.

With this bill Odette wants to buy a fur tapir, but the clerk Olympian (Vianello) is adamant not grant discounts on the purchase or accept the bill as payment. Speaker Alfredo Balzarini (Tognazzi), owner of the shop, sensitive to the advances the beautiful Odette, who accepts the bill with the promise of a deeper understanding. Olympian, despite the long-standing friendship with Alfredo, brings into play the wife of this (Zoppelli), the true owner of the shop, which messes up the plans of her husband.

Then the wife of Alfredo discovers the bill and makes a scene with her husband, who, not being able to exonerate, was forced to return the bill. He went to the home of Odette, Alfredo finds Olympian, returned from paying the contribution validity and youth, and is seduced by Odette. Having failed to collect the bill or not to resume the fur, Alfred was involved from Olympian in a wrestling match rigged where both are beaten and lose the bill.

At the end Bruscatelli not pay because he has paid his debt to society by imprisonment, the bill goes to protest, and each of the characters involved tries to repossess or cash owed by those who have turned the bill, or at least of the goods sold.

The fur looks a bailiff who demands the payment of a tax that Alfredo has pretended to have paid the money recovered from the bill. At the same time presented the bill protested and the wife of Alfredo discovers everything. The couple had a fierce quarrel, Alfred was wounded and fur tapir is recovered.

Odette looks at the wedding feast of Michael and take in pledge the wedding dress of the sister of Octavius in exchange for payment of the bill. Ottavio occurs in the shop cavalier Needs, buys goods for a hundred thousand pounds, the amount of the bill, pay the bill and does take away the goods from Michele. Immediately after the two are from Odette to exchange the goods with the wedding dress and immediately arises a sympathy between Octavius and Odette.

The knight needs has a cause in district court against the prostitute Lola Capponi, who accuses him of having fired a shot in the rump during a hunt boasting eyewitnesses. The knight in exchange for the bill proposes the two cousins Posalaquaglia a false witness that exonerate him: at the time of the shot would have been elsewhere, along with them, coffee in via Pietro Micca November 4, Silvio Spaventa corner sitting on a bench.

At the hearing, it happens that the two cousins are the same witnesses, obviously fake, also previously employed by the prostitute Lola, so are both pros and cons in the same case. The judge notices it immediately and makes them stop. (As it concludes the testimony of Toto: Excuse me, is this ... Silvio Spaventa this bar? Says yes! There Pietro Micca? Nice no! And where is he? Says' mbah? ... And that's it! )

In prison Bruscatelli found, as it is released through the intervention of a minister. The two are the present bill, and he, pretending to have forgotten to pay, the renewed with another bill that the cousins leave on deposit to jailer for small expenses while in detention. As stated in the written final, the story goes, but it is better to put the word "END".



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