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This article is about the Montreal-based French Canadian version of The Voice. For the version broadcast on French television, see The Voice: la plus belle voix.
For other uses of "La Voix", see La Voix (disambiguation).
La Voix (Canada)
Genre Talent show
Created by John de Mol
Presented by Charles Lafortune
Judges Marc Dupré seasons 1&2
Jean-Pierre Ferland season 1
Marie-Mai season 1
Ariane Moffatt season 1
Éric Lapointe season 2
Louis-Jean Cormier season 2
Isabelle Boulay season 2
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) French
No. of seasons 1
Location(s) Montreal, Quebec
Running time 60-120 minutes
Original channel TVA
Audio format Stereo
Original run 20 January 2013 – present
Related shows The Voice (franchise)
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La Voix is a Quebec, Canada reality talent show as part of the international television series franchise The Voice, based on the original Dutch version of the program created by John de Mol. The series is part of the The Voice franchise and is based on a similar competition format in The Netherlands entitled The Voice of Holland. The series is structured as three phases: blind auditions, battle rounds and live performance shows.

Coaches and finalists[edit]

Winners are in bold, other finalists in italic, eliminated artists in smaller font.

Season Coaches and their finalists
1 Ariane Moffatt Marc Dupré Marie-Mai Jean-Pierre Ferland
Valérie Carpentier
Étienne Cousineau
Stevens Simeon
Valérie Clio Nerestant
Dany Flanders
Karine Deschamps
Jérôme Couture
Jael Bird Joseph
Andie Duquette
Edi Hyse
Alexe Gaudreault-Dallaire
Stéphanie et Sabrina Barabé
Charlotte Cardin
Jacynthe Véronneau
Valérie Amyot
Jeffrey Piton
Fred Lebel
Félix-Antoine Couturier
Étienne Cotton
Julie Massicotte
Meredith Marshall
Maria Janice Galvez
Joanie Roussel
Jean Sébastien Lavoie
2 Louis-Jean Cormier Marc Dupré Isabelle Boulay Éric Lapointe
Rémi Chassé
Valérie Daure
Éléonore Lagacé
Sabrina Paton
Rémi Basque
Mathieu Lavoie
Renée Wilkin
Mélina Laplante
Élie Dupuis
Lawrence Castera
Julie Lefebvre
Yoan Garneau
Marie-Ève Fournier
Véronique Gilbert
Philippe Berghella
Claudia Marsan
Sandra Christin
Valérie Lahaie
Mathieu Provençal
Rita Tabbakh
Philippe Lauzon
Éloïse Boutin-Masse
Audrey Fréchette
3 Pierre Lapointe Marc Dupré Isabelle Boulay Éric Lapointe

Season 3 (2015)[edit]

Season 3 of La Voix is being broadcast since 18 January 2015 on TVA and is hosted for a third consecutive season by Charles Lafortune. Éric Lapointe, Marc Dupré and Isabelle Boulay season 2 judges all returned, whereas second season judge Louis-Jean Cormier was replaced by Pierre Lapointe.


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