Laatste Zeven Maanden van Anne Frank

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Laatste Zeven Maanden van Anne Frank (English title: The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank) is a 1988 Dutch television documentary directed by Willy Lindwer about the last seven months in the life of diarist Anne Frank. Seven different women, who were fellow prisoners of Anne Frank in the Westerbork transit camp and the Auschwitz, and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps, gave interviews about Anne's last months in this documentary. Among them are Hanneli Goslar, Anne's childhood friend and fellow prisoner in Bergen-Belsen, and Janny Brandes-Brilleslijper, Anne's fellow prisoner in all three camps. Both women are believed to be among the last known people to have seen Anne alive. Anne and Margot were cell mates with them.[1]

The documentary won an International Emmy Award.

The interviews appeared as a book in 1992:

  • The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank, Willy Lindwer. Anchor, ISBN 0-385-42360-8 (paperback).

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