Laba River

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Laba River
Origin 44°17′15″N 40°53′45″E / 44.28750°N 40.89583°E / 44.28750; 40.89583
Mouth Kuban River
45°11′14″N 39°41′29″E / 45.18722°N 39.69139°E / 45.18722; 39.69139
Length 214 km (133 mi)
Basin area 12,500 km2 (4,800 sq mi)

The Laba (Russian: Лаба Laba; Adyghe and Kabardian: Лабэжъ Labez̄) is a river in Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea and Krasnodar Krai of Russia. It is a tributary of the Kuban River, which it at Ust-Labinsk). It is formed by the confluence of the Bolshaya Laba River and the Malaya Laba River (Малая Лаба Malaja Laba; Лабэжьый Labez̄yj). It is used for irrigation and log driving. It is also suitable for rafting.

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