Labo M

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Labo M
Studio album by Matthieu Chedid
Released February 2003
Genre French Pop-rock, Instrumental
Length 38'25[1]
Label Delabel/EMI France
Matthieu Chedid chronology
Je dis aime
Labo M Qui de nous deux (2003)

Labo M (2003) is the third studio album by French singer-song-writer Matthieu Chedid in his persona as -M-. It's an all-instrumental work which, considering that one of -M-'s trademarks had previously been his inventive wordplay, caused some degree of discontent amongst parts of his fan base.[2] Remarkably successful for an instrumental work, the album entered the French charts at number 27[3] but proved to be a stopgap with the full studio album Qui de nous deux appearing later the same year.

The album's title meaning "M's Laboratory", is a pun on La Bohème as well as the name of Chedid's recording studio.[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Tapis Volant 1
  2. Slide Melody
  3. Les Saules
  4. L'Automat
  5. Ricken
  6. Stan est Stone
  7. Au Kazoo
  8. Jam à la Mer
  9. Tapis Volant 2
  10. Coup d'Trash
  11. La Nébuleuse