Labour Party (UK) leadership election, 1988

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The Labour Party leadership election of 1988 arose when Tony Benn, identified with the left-wing of the British Labour Party, challenged the incumbent Neil Kinnock. The challenge arose shortly after the Labour Party had lost the 1987 general election (though it had reduced the majority that the Conservative government had established at the previous election four years earlier), the expulsion of some far left Labour Party members in 1986, and the production of a document intended to replace Clause IV of the party's constitution, removing the commitment to nationalisation of leading industries.

Benn and Kinnock were only two candidates in the election. The ballot took place on 2 October 1988. Affiliated organisations had 40% of the vote, while Constituency Labour Parties and the Parliamentary Labour Party had 30% each in the electoral college.

Candidate Affiliated Constituency Parliamentary Total
Neil Kinnock 39.7 24.1 24.8 88.6
Tony Benn 0.3 5.9 5.2 11.4

With a clear majority, Neil Kinnock remained leader of the Labour Party. He served until his resignation in 1992, which precipitated another leadership election.

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