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Lachlan (/ˈlæxlən/, /ˈlæklən/ or /ˈlɒklən/)[1] or Lachlann is a Scottish masculine given name. The name comes from Gaelic Lachlann, derived from the earlier Gaelic word for Scandinavia, Lochlann. Pet forms of Lachlan include Lachie, Lachy and Lockie. A feminine form of the name is Lachina (in Scotland).[2]


In 2000s and 2010s, Lachlan has been a very common baby name in Australia and New Zealand, due in part to the fame of Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of New South Wales;[2] ranking within the top ten masculine names registered in several Australian states. In 2008, Lachlan was ranked as the third most popular masculine baby name in New South Wales, with 581 registered that year.[3] The same year, the name was ranked as the sixth most popular masculine baby name in Victoria, with 438 registered.[4] In 2013 it was the tenth most popular name for boys in Australia.[5]



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  • Lochlann, the Gaelic word from which these names were derived.
  • MacLachlan, a related surname


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