Lacquer Head

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"Lacquer Head"
Single by Primus
from the album Antipop
Released 1999
Genre Alternative metal, nu metal, funk metal
Length 3:56
Label Interscope
Producer(s) Primus and Fred Durst
Primus singles chronology
"Over the Falls"
"Lacquer Head"
"Electric Uncle Sam"

"Lacquer Head" is the first single from Primus' 1999 album, Antipop. The song features three verses that tell the tale of three different children, and the harm that comes to them from their huffing of inhalants. MTV banned the singles' video for its drug references and purportedly 'violent content', despite the negative portrayal of the use of inhalants. This song was produced by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst.[1] While producing the track, Durst encouraged the band to return to the more aggressive sound of their earlier albums for Antipop.[2]


Lacquer Head received some airplay after its release, especially after the video was banned by MTV. Because of this it grew in popularity.

Single Chart Position
"Lacquerhead" Modern Rock Tracks 36
Mainstream Rock Tracks 38


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