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"Ladies' Night"
Single by Kool and the Gang
from the album Ladies' Night
B-side "If You Feel Like Dancin'"
Released October 5, 1979
Format Vinyl record (7")
Recorded 1979
Length 6:38
Label DeLite Records (Polygram)
Writer(s) George M. Brown & Kool and the Gang
Producer(s) Eumir Deodato
Kool and the Gang singles chronology
"Slick Superchick"
"Ladies' Night"
"Too Hot"

"Ladies' Night" is the hit title track single on the album Ladies' Night released in 1979 by Kool and the Gang. The song as a single was a success, and became a radio staple. It was also a chart success, peaking at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1980.[1]

Track lists[edit]

Side Title Length
Ladies' Night / Too Hot
A "Ladies' Night" 3:34
B "Too Hot" 5:02
Ladies' Night / If You Feel Like Dancin'
A "Ladies' Night" 3:34
B "If You Feel Like Dancin'" 5:04


Chart Date Position
Billboard Hot 100 1980 8
United Kingdom October 1979 9
Switzerland March 16, 1980 8 [2]
The Netherlands March 22, 1980 14 [3]
Austria April 1, 1980 18 [4]
Germany March 1980 19 [5]
Preceded by
"(Not Just) Knee Deep (Part 1)" by Funkadelic
Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs number one single (Kool & the Gang version)
November 3–17, 1979
Succeeded by
"Still" by The Commodores

Heavy D version[edit]

"This Is Your Night"
Single by Heavy D
from the album Nuttin' But Love
Released September 2, 1994
Format CD single
Recorded 1993
Genre Hip hop
Length 3:33
Label Uptown, MCA
Writer(s) George M. Brown & Kool and the Gang, Teddy Riley, Heavy D
Producer(s) Teddy Riley
Heavy D singles chronology
"Nuttin' But Love"
"This Is Your Night"
"Big Daddy"

1993 Heavy D covered the song under the title This Is Your Night. The majority of the text passages in his version he wrote himself, but kept the chorus of the original and sampled at the instrumentation. In addition to the album Nuttin' But Love, it is also on the albums The Gold Seal Collection: R & B's Greatest Hits 1985-1995, Hot Hits [TL 541/21], R & B Masters II and Black Winter Party - Best Of - 2013.


Chart (1994) Peak
UK Singles Chart 30
Austria Singles Chart[6] 17
French SNEP Singles Chart 14
Belgian VRT Top 30 24

Atomic Kitten version[edit]

"Ladies Night"
Single by Atomic Kitten featuring Kool & the Gang
from the album Ladies Night
Released December 15, 2003
(see Release history)
Format CD single, music download
Recorded KTFA Studios, Metropolis, Unique Corp
Genre Disco, pop
Length 3:06
Label EMI
Producer(s) Khalis Bayyan, Andy Whitmore
Atomic Kitten singles chronology
"If You Come to Me"
"Ladies Night"
"Someone like Me"/"Right Now '04"

In 2003, "Ladies' Night" was re-recorded by English girl group Atomic Kitten, and released as the second single from their third studio album, also entitled Ladies Night (2004), in honor of the collaboration.[7] The song is a collaboration with Kool and the Gang, who asked the group to record an updated version of the song. The single peaked at number eight on the UK Singles Chart, outpeaking the original version of the track, and number 39 in Australia.

Chart performance[edit]

The single peaked and debuted at number eight in the United Kingdom. Despite "Ladies Night" being Atomic Kitten's first single to not reach the top 5 in over two years since "Whole Again" topped the charts, it still managed to sell 84,192 copies in the United Kingdom, making it their 7th best selling single in the United Kingdom. It stayed in the top 40 for 8 weeks, 3 of which were in the top 10, making Ladies Night a success in their homeland. Ladies Night peaked at No.14 on the European charts, making it a success. In Spain, it was their only top 10 hit over there, peaking at #3, and lasting 3 weeks in the top 10. The song became a top 20 hit in Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders), Belgium (Wallonia) and Denmark. It also became a top 40 hit in German speaking Europe, peaking at No. 33 in Germany, No. 32 in Austria, and No.38 in Switzerland. The song was a huge success in south-east Asia. It debuted at No. 6 in China, and in its second week rose to No. 2 - Its peak position in that country. It last 5 weeks in the top 20, 4 of which were in the top 10. In Taiwan, the song debuted at No. 10, and peaked at No. 4. It lasted 9 weeks in the top 10, making it a huge success in that country. In Oceania, the song didn't do as well as their previous singles. "Ladies Night" was never released in New Zealand, and it only managed to peak at No. 39 in Australia. It lasted 5 weeks in the top 50. This is due to low promotion of the single over there.

Music video[edit]

The video begins with many people anxiously crowded around the entrance of a club, trying to get in. Suddenly a pink plasma waves sweeps through the middle of the crowd, from the door, pushing them off to either side. The group head into the Kitten Club, and the crowd follows them in, until only the bouncer is left standing outside. In the well-lit club, the group groove about and sing, a great deal of which is on a pure white discothèque dance floor. They primarily dance in a row, with two rows of men behind them, though occasionally they are straddling the fellows, or performing other dance moves with them. Drag queens are spotted in the video, and appear repeatedly, including in the women's washroom, near the video's conclusion. The metrosexual or homosexual bartender, bearing resemblance to Boy George, appears throughout the video. Jenny Frost starts to flirt with him, as if going in for a kiss; in actuality, she's stealing his drink from behind him. While a man hits on Liz McClarnon, he is in turn hit on by another man. There is also a man dancing in a cage with a round top; there is no suggestion if this is to entertain the straight or homosexuals in attendance, or both. The group repeatedly flip their hands in the air, creating pink plasma as appeared earlier in the video. This transports them to the opposite side of the club, where they appear on rollerskates, in different outfits. They use their magic again, instantly stripping three men down to pink lycra underwear. The men, in their skivvies, visit the girls at their booth. Tash is so amused at the provided crotch view that she brings out American money which she waves around; money is never actually transferred. At the very start of the video, when Jen blows a kiss, lip marks appear on the screen as a graphic.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Ladies Night" (radio mix) – 3:06
  2. "The Tide Is High" (2003 radio mix) – 3:38
  3. "Ladies Night (Shanghai Surprise Remix)" (2003 radio mix)
  4. "Ladies Night Album Megamix"
  1. "Ladies Night" (radio mix) – 3:06
  2. "Ladies Night" (Kurtis Matronik 7") – 3:25
  3. "Somebody" – 3:11
  4. "Ladies Night" (video)
UK 12" picture disc
  1. "Ladies Night" (radio mix edit) – 3:01
  2. "Ladies Night" (Kurtis Matronik 12") – 10:05
  3. "Be with You" (Todd Terry 12") – 7:58
  4. "Be with You" (Todd Terry vs. TNT Edit) – 3:27

Official Versions[edit]

  • Ladies Night (Single/Album Version) - 3:07
  • Ladies Night (The "Northern" Mad Mix) - 5:59
  • Ladies Night (Shanghai Surprise Mix) - 6:58
  • Ladies Night (Kurtis Mantronix Radio Edit) - 3:25
  • Ladies Night (Kurtis Mantronix 12" Remix) - 7:01


Chart Date Position
China March 13, 2004 2[8]
Belgium (Wallonia) January 31, 2004 2[9]
Spain January 19, 2004 3[8]
Taiwan January 3, 2004 4[8]
Hungary dance top 40 January, 2004 6[10]
United Kingdom December 2003 8[9]
Denmark January 24, 2004 12[9]
Ireland December 27, 2003 14[9]
Europe February 14, 2004 14[11]
The Netherlands February 2004 15[12]
Belgium (Flanders) January 31, 2004 18[9]
Turkey February 7, 2004 18[13]
Austria February 15, 2004 32[9]
Germany February 7, 2004 33[9]
Switzerland February 22, 2004 38[9]
Australia February 7, 2004 39[9]
France April 25, 2004 54[14]


  • Written by Ronald Bell of Kool and the Gang
  • Produced by Kaylis Bayyan and Leigh Guest for Unique Corp Ltd
  • Co-Produced by Andy Whitmore
  • Additional production and mix: Ash Howes, Martin Harrington
  • Engineered by Keith Uddin
  • Programming by Reece Gilmore, Leigh Guest, Andy Whitmore
  • Vocal arranger: Anthony Thompson
  • Additional keyboard: Andy Whitmore
  • Additional guitar: Andrew Smith
  • Musical arranger: Leigh Guest
  • Recorded at KFTA Studios, New Jersey, Metropolis Studios, London, Unique Corp Studios, London
  • UK production engineer: James Loughrey
  • Executive producers: Alan Bellman, Les Molloy, Richard Mayes for Unique Corp

Other covers[edit]


  • In the movie "The Wedding Singer", the character played by John Lovitz performs the song in his wedding singer audition.
  • In the movie "Little Nicky", The peeper (again, played by Jon Lovitz) sings the song while looking at a woman undress. later, when he is sent to hell, the song plays while a bird is raping him said by the gatekeeper "now your going to see what real horny bird actually looks like... IN HELL!


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