Lady Calinica

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Lady Calinica
Spouse Radu I of Wallachia
Issue Mircea I of Wallachia
Full name
Elisabeta Ana Calea (born "Caliphië")
House House of Basarab (by marriage)
Born c. 1367
Died 2 August 1439 (aged 71–72)

Elisabeta Ana Calea (Romanian: Elisabeta Ana-Calea; Hungarian: Anna-Kallinichia Erzsébet; c. 1367 – 2 August 1439), also spelled Ana Calina (Romanian: Ana-Călina) and better known as Lady Calinica (Romanian: Calinichia or Caliniţa, earlier in Bulgarian: Калиникіѧ, Kalinikĭę),[1] was the second (and most renown) wife of Radu I, a 14th-century Wallachian voivode (nobleman). Ultimately descended from the House of Basarab, she was a Byzantine princess born Caliphië (Greek: Καλιφιη, Kaliphiē).[2] Calinica was the mother of Mircea I of Wallachia; she outlived her husband by 56 years. Through Calinica the voivodes of Wallachia joined bloodlines with the Basarabs, ancestors of the notorious voivode Dracula.