Lady Xiahou Hui

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This article is about the wife of Sima Shi. For the Cao Wei official and sixth son of Xiahou Yuan, see Xiahou Hui.
Xiahou Hui
Traditional Chinese 夏侯徽
Simplified Chinese 夏侯徽
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Xiahou.

Xiahou Hui (211–234), formally known as Empress Jinghuai (景懷皇后), was a noble lady of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period. She was the daughter of Xiahou Shang and the sister of Xiahou Xuan. She was the wife of Sima Shi.

Xiahou Hui bore Sima Shi five daughters but no sons. Afterwards Xiahou Hui realized that Sima Shi was not such a person that would serve faithfully to the Cao Wei, and after Sima Shi started to avoid meeting the imperial family of Cao Wei's, the relation between Xiahou Hui and Sima Shi worsened.

Xiahou was poisoned to death in 234; her husband was supposedly presumed as the person who poisoned her. Many pointed accusations towards Sima Shi.

After Jin Dynasty was established in 265, many deceased people who were related to the establishment of Jin were honored, however Sima Shi's first wife, Xiahou Hui was an exception. However Yang Huiyu (Sima Shi's third wife) persuaded Emperor Wu, as a result Emperor Wu honored Xiahou Hui as an empress posthumously in 266. She is now called Jinghuai.


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