Lady of the Lake (brig)

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This article is about the Aberdeen-built brig. For the steamboat, see Lady of the Lake (steamboat). For the schooner, see USS Lady of the Lake (1813). For other uses, see Lady of the Lake (disambiguation).
Name: Lady of the Lake
Fate: Wrecked off Cape St. Francis on May 11, 1833.
General characteristics
Type: Brig

Lady of the Lake was an Aberdeen-built brig that sank off the coast of Newfoundland in May 1833, with the loss of up to 265 passengers and crew.[1][2]


The vessel had departed from Belfast on April 8, 1833, bound for Quebec. At 8:00 a.m. on May 11, 1833, Lady of the Lake was struck by ice on the starboard bow and began to sink, about 250 miles east of Cape St. Francis, Newfoundland. One of the lifeboats capsized shortly after lowering, with the loss of an estimated 80 individuals. Lady of the Lake continued to sink with about 30 passengers clinging to the maintop mast. The survivors spent 75 hours in an open boat before being rescued by the ship Amazon.[3][4]

Sources differ as to the final death toll, with estimates ranging from 170[5] to 265.[6][3]

Voyages from 1829–1833[edit]

Departure Date Port of Departure Arrival Date Port of Arrival Master Remarks Consigned to
Sept 2, 1829 Dublin October 22, 1829 Quebec Stephens In Ballast H. Lemesurier & Co [7]
November 17, 1829 Quebec ??? Galway Stephens H. Lemesurier & Co [7]
August 25, 1830 Greenock October 13, 1830 Quebec Glederie In Ballast Rodger Dean & Co. [8]
November 16, 1830 Quebec ??? Greenock Glederie Rodger Dean & Co [8]
April 2, 1832 Aberdeen, Scotland June 2, 1832 Quebec Grant Transport 15 Settlers G.H. Parke [9]
August 27, 1832 Belfast, Ireland Oct 19, 1832 Quebec Patterson At Grosse Isle on Oct 16th? G.H. Parke [9]


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