Ladykirk and Norham Bridge

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Ladykirk and Norham Bridge
Ladykirk and Norham Bridge in 2003.jpg
Ladykirk and Norham Bridge (2003)
Carries Road traffic (single carriageway)
Crosses River Tweed
Locale Norham in Northumberland, England/
Ladykirk, Borders, Scotland
Designer Thomas Codrington
and Cuthbert A. Brereton
Material Stone
Number of spans 4
Construction begin 1885
Construction end 1887
Toll No
Coordinates 55°43′08″N 2°10′34″W / 55.719°N 2.176°W / 55.719; -2.176Coordinates: 55°43′08″N 2°10′34″W / 55.719°N 2.176°W / 55.719; -2.176
Ladykirk and Norham Bridge is located in Northumberland
Ladykirk and Norham Bridge
Red pog.svg Ladykirk and Norham Bridge shown within Northumberland
grid reference NT890472

Ladykirk and Norham Bridge, which connects Ladykirk in the Borders, Scotland, with Norham in Northumberland, England, is a bridge in the United Kingdom that spans the River Tweed. It is a late stone road bridge with four arches designed by Thomas Codrington and Cuthbert A. Brereton for the Tweed Bridges Trust to replace an earlier wooden structure. Construction lasted from 1885 to 1887. The bridge is listed at grade II by English Heritage and at category B by Historic Scotland.

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