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Birth name Wayne Adams
Origin Brighton, England
Genres Breakcore
Ambient music
Noise music
Instruments Laptop, Electric Guitar, Computer
Labels Wrong Music
Cock Rock Disco
Probuscus Records
Associated acts Shitmat, DJ Scotch Egg, Ebola, DJ Floorclearer, Judith Priest

Ladyscraper is the performing name of Wayne Adams, a UK breakcore artist. He is one of many artists associated with the Wrong Music label. He is also a member of bands Proudhon and Wearepower.

While being predominantly breakcore-based, Ladyscraper's sound also incorporates elements of metal, grindcore/cybergrind ambient and plunderphonics in his music; including the usage of guitars and miscellaneous sampling.

Ladyscraper, along with various other similar musicians (such as Shitmat) has been featured on BBC Radio 1's "Lap Off", a competition between various musicians playing music on their laptops. This was broadcast live on BBC Radio 1 and also featured on its respective website.


Name Type Label Year
Survivor Series Vol. I Split 7" with Mully Wrong Music 2006
Cunt Kicker 12" EP Wrong Music 2006
Blood and Semen Internet-only free EP Wrong Music 2007
The Death of Mary Poppins Internet-only free Album Cock Rock Disco 2007
Split EP 12" Split EP with Despoilah Abused Recordingz 2007
The Thunderbox EP 7" Deathchant 2008
Pink Album Cock Rock Disco 2010
Humdinger Internet-only free Compilation Grindcore Karaoke 2011
The Witch Internet-only free album Grindcore Karaoke 2013
The Wizard Internet-only free album Peace Off 2013

Other contributions[edit]

  • Here's My Card Records compilation "Getting Down 2 Bizness"
  • Probuscus Records compilation "Vomit" - track "chunderchunkmaster"
  • Pandead records compilation "V.A."
  • Cripplefight by Droon (12")

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