Lagan Valley (Assembly constituency)

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Coordinates: 54°30′22″N 6°02′38″W / 54.506°N 6.044°W / 54.506; -6.044

Lagan Valley
County constituency
for the Northern Ireland Assembly
Lagan Valley shown within Northern Ireland
Districts Lisburn, Banbridge
Current constituency
Created 1996
Assembly Members Jonathan Craig
Paul Givan
Brenda Hale
Trevor Lunn
Basil McCrea
Edwin Poots

Lagan Valley is a constituency in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The seat was first used for a Northern Ireland-only election for the Northern Ireland Forum in 1996. Since 1998, it has elected members to the current Assembly.

For Assembly elections prior to 1996, the constituency was largely part of the South Antrim and North Down constituencies. Since 1997, it has shared boundaries with the Lagan Valley UK Parliament constituency.

For further details of the history and boundaries of the constituency, see Lagan Valley (UK Parliament constituency).


Northern Ireland Assembly (1998–present)[edit]

Election MLA
1998 Seamus Close
(Alliance Party)
Billy Bell
Ivan Davis
Patrick Roche
(UK Unionist)
Edwin Poots
Patricia Lewsley
2003 Norah Beare
Jeffrey Donaldson
(UUP /
January 2007
Marietta Farrell
2007 Trevor Lunn
(Alliance Party)
Basil McCrea
Jonathan Craig
Paul Butler
(Sinn Féin)
June 2010
Paul Givan
2011 Brenda Hale

Note: The columns in this table are used only for presentational purposes, and no significance should be attached to the order of columns. For details of the order in which seats were won at each election, see the detailed results of that election.

Northern Ireland Forum (1996)[edit]

In the 1996 election to the Northern Ireland Peace Forum, 5 Forum members were elected from Lagan Valley. They were as follows:


Northern Ireland Assembly[edit]

Northern Ireland Assembly election, 2011[1]
Party Candidate  % 1st Pref Result Count
DUP Edwin Poots 20.7 7,329 Elected 1
UUP Basil McCrea 16.3 5,771 Elected 1
Alliance Trevor Lunn 12.4 4,389 Elected 5
DUP Paul Givan 12.3 4,352 Elected 6
DUP Jonathan Craig 12.0 4,263 Elected 5
DUP Brenda Hale 8.2 2,910 Elected 7
SDLP Pat Catney 6.1 2,165 Not elected 7
UUP Mark Hill 4.2 1,482 Not elected 6
Sinn Féin Mary Kate Quinn 3.4 1,203 Not elected 5
TUV Lyle Rea 2.9 1,031 Not elected 4
Green (NI) Conor Quinn 1.7 592 Not elected 3
Northern Ireland Assembly election, 2007
Party Candidate 1st Pref Result Count
DUP Jeffrey Donaldson 9,793 Elected 1
Sinn Féin Paul Butler 5,098 Elected 6
UUP Basil McCrea 4,031 Elected 7
Alliance Trevor Lunn 3,765 Elected 7
DUP Jonathan Craig 3,471 Elected 8
DUP Edwin Poots 3,457 Elected 9
DUP Paul Givan 3,377 Not elected 9
SDLP Marietta Farrell 2,839 Not elected 5
UUP Billy Bell 2,599 Not elected 6
UUP Ronnie Crawford 1,147 Not elected 4
Green (NI) Michael Rogan 922 Not elected 4
UK Unionist Robert McCartney 853 Not elected 3
Conservative Neil Johnston 387 Not elected 2
Workers' Party John Magee 83 Not elected 2
Northern Ireland Assembly election, 2003
Party Candidate 1st Pref Result Count
UUP Jeffrey Donaldson 14,104 Elected 1
DUP Edwin Poots 5,175 Elected 2
Alliance Seamus Close 4,408 Elected 7
DUP Andrew Hunter 3,300 Not elected
Sinn Féin Paul Butler 3,242 Not elected
SDLP Patricia Lewsley 3,133 Elected 9
UUP Billy Bell 2,782 Elected 6
Independent Ivan Davis 2,223 Not elected
UUP Norah Beare 1,508 Elected 10
UUP Jim Kirkpatrick 675 Not elected
Conservative Joanne Johnston 395 Not elected
PUP Andrew Park 212 Not elected
Workers' Party Frances McCarthy 97 Not elected
Northern Ireland Assembly election, 1998
Party Candidate 1st Pref Result Count
Alliance Seamus Close 6,788 Elected
UUP Billy Bell 5,965 Elected
UK Unionist Patrick Roche 5,361 Elected
DUP Edwin Poots 5,239 Elected
SDLP Patricia Lewsley 4,039 Elected
UUP Ivan Davis 3,927 Elected
Ulster Democratic Gary McMichael 3,725 Not elected
UUP David Campbell 3,158 Not elected
DUP Cecil Calvert 3,111 Not elected
Sinn Féin Paul Butler 2,000 Not elected
UUP Ken Hull 1,289 Not elected
NI Women's Coalition Annie Campbell 955 Not elected
Conservative William Bleakes 702 Not elected
Workers' Party Frances McCarthy 208 Not elected
Natural Law John Collins 43 Not elected

1996 Forum[edit]

Successful candidates are shown in bold.[2]

Party Candidate(s) Votes Percentage
UUP Jeffrey Donaldson
David Campbell
Ivan Davis
William Dillon
Billy Bell
16,367 37.7
DUP Cecil Calvert
Edwin Poots
9,592 22.1
Alliance Seamus Close
Frazer McCammond
Mary Clark-Glass
Bill Whitley
Betty Campbell
4,508 10.4
SDLP Peter O'Hagan
Hugh Lewsley
4,001 9.2
Ulster Democratic Gary McMichael
Philip Dean
3,087 7.1
UK Unionist Ronnie Crawford
Graeme Jardin
2,172 5.0
Sinn Féin Patrick Rice
Michael Ferguson
Sue Ramsey
1,132 2.6
PUP David Kirk
Wilfred Cummings
1,072 2.5
NI Women's Coalition Jane Wilde
Fidelma Carolan
Sandra Craig
Bronya Bonar
Margaret Darcy
520 1.2
Conservative William Baird
Mary Love
386 0.8
Green (NI) Malachy McAnespie
George Thompson
Penny Kemp
175 0.4
Ulster Independence Carolyne Chance
Allan Thompson
James Kelley
164 0.4
Labour coalition Ciaran Mulholland
William McAvoy
143 0.3
Workers' Party Frances McCarthy
John Magee
72 0.2
Democratic Left Liam Napier
Oliver Frawley
43 0.1
Natural Law Duncan Paterson
Susanna Thompson
18 0.0
Independent Chambers Eric Brown
Gary Strain
3 0.0


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