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Lagerfeldt, Lagerfeld, Lagerfelt
Family name
Lindera triloba(Leaves).jpg
Meaning laurel field
Region of origin Sweden
Language(s) of origin Swedish
Related names Lagerberg, Lagerbjelke (Lagerbielke), Lagerblad, Lagerblom, Lagerbom, Lagerborg, Lagerbring, Lagerflycht, Lagergréen (Lagergren), Lagerheim, Lagerholm, Lagerhjelm, Lagercrantz, Lagerkrook, Lagercrona, Lagerqvist (Lagerqvist, Lagerkvist), Lagerlöf, Lagermarck, Lagersköld, Lagerstedt, Lagerstierna, Lagerstolpe, Lagerstråle, Lagerström, Lagersvärd


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