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Laguna Seca Ranch (from the Spanish: Dry lake) is a historic agricultural property in western Monterey County, California, United States.

Geography and drainage[edit]

On the property a prominent ridge of terrain exists that extends in an east-northeasterly direction to eventually reach Fort Ord.[1] On the south side of this ridge, drainage and groundwater flow is to the south. Surface water flows into the Carmel River, which parallels State Route 68. A series of surface drainage ditches and gullies run south from the higher terrain of Fort Ord to join this flow. Berwick and Canada de la Ordena Canyons also exist on the south and southeast portions of the Laguna Seca Ranch. Berwick Canyon almost borders the eastern side, a quarter mile away (400 m), while Buckeye Canyon parallels the eastern border less than a tenth of a mile (150 m) off the ranch to the east.


At the county level, Laguna Seca Ranch is represented on the Monterey County Board of Supervisors by Supervisor Dave Potter .[2] In the California State Assembly, Laguna Seca Ranch is represented by Bill Monning as part of the 27th Assembly district.[3] In the State Senate, Laguna Seca Ranch is represented by Sam Blakeslee as part of the 15th State Senate district.[4] In the U.S. House of Representatives, Laguna Seca Ranch is part of California's 17th congressional district, represented by Sam Farr.[5]

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