Laguna de las Momias

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Laguna de las Momias (Lagoon of the Mummies), also known as Laguna de los Cóndores (Lagoon of the Condors) is an archaeological site located in Leimebamba in the Amazonas Region of Peru, excavated by the archaeologist Federico Kauffmann Doig.

It contains a large number of mausoleums that occupy a natural cave of very difficult access, sculpted in the wall of a craggy rock that emerges of a lagoon.

The mausoleums of the Lagoon of the Mummies were still replete with funeral deposits, approximately two hundred. In the mausoleums personages were buried of high rank and. During Inca domination of the region, there were officials from Cuzco, the Inca capital, who resided in Cochabamba.

Each funeral deposit is constituted by a mummy in seated position, wrapped in both flat and decorated textiles.

Coordinates: 6°51′00″S 77°42′00″W / 6.850°S 77.700°W / -6.850; -77.700