Lahore College of Arts and Sciences

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Lahore College of Arts and Sciences.
LACAS logo small 2.jpg
Gulberg campus: 26/H Gulberg II
B.R. campus: Imperial Garden Block, Paragon City, Burki Road, Lahore Cantt
J.T. Campus: 302 F/II, M.A, Johar Town

Lahore, Punjab
Pakistan Pakistan
School type Private, preparatory
Motto To live in truth. (Eng)
Opened 1987
Founder Nazi Qureshi
School board Nazi Qureshi
Zainab Qureshi
Principals Ayesha Zaigham
Sara Ajmal
Rubina Sajjad
Saadia Rizwan
Years offered 3-4 to 18-19
Gender Mixed
Number of students 4000-5000
Average class size 28
Education system GCE (CIE and Edexcel)
Classes offered O and AS/A Level
Language English Medium
Schedule Day school
Campuses 5
Houses      Iqbal
     Sir Syed
Colour(s) Red      and Black     
Rival LGS - Lahore Grammar School
Yearbook The Vision

Lahore College of Arts & Sciences (abbreviated as LACAS), founded in 1987, is a private fee-paying academic institution located at Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.[1] LACAS provides preschool, primary and secondary education and preparation for international General Certificate of Education (GCE) examinations. The institution has currently eight campuses; main one in Johar Town,[2] one at Burki Road (or Paragon City),[3] one in Gulberg,[4] one at Upper Mall,[5] and two at Canal Side (a girls campus on Rasulpur Road;[6] a boys campus at Raiwind Road[7]).The best campus of LACAS is the Burki campus.


Johar Town campus[edit]

The LACAS Johar Town campus is situated in the Johar Town housing scheme of Lahore. It currently offers classes from Preschool to Grade 11 (including GCE O Levels). All classes are coeducational except for Middle Section have separate branches for boys and girls.

  • Junior Section: Preschool (Play Group, Nursery, Kindergarten), Grade I to III.[8]
  • Middle Section (Boys): Grade IV to XI (including GCE O-Level).[9]
  • Middle Section (Girls): Grade IV to XI (including GCE O-Level).[10]

Burki Road campus[edit]

The LACAS Burki Road campus is situated in the Paragon Society on Burki Road of Lahore Cantonment, Lahore. It currently offers classes from Preschool to Grade XI (including GCE O Level).

  • Junior Section: Preschool (Play Group, Nursery, Kindergarten), Grade I to V.[11]
  • Middle Section: Grade VI to XI (including GCE O-Level).[12]

Gulberg campus[edit]

On 14 April 2010, it was officially announced by the Managing Director of the institution at the Annual Excellence Awards Distribution Ceremony that a new purpose-built campus will open in Gulberg in August 2010.[13] The new campus houses only the A Level section.

  • A Level Section: Grade XII to XIII (GCE A Level).[14]



Section Junior section Middle section A Level section
Grade PG
(Play Group)
Age 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 8+ 9+ 10+ 11+ 12+ 13+ 14+ 15+ 16+ 17+
Education Preschool Lower primary Upper primary Lower secondary Upper secondary
(General Certificate of Education)


GCE Advanced Levels

Courses offered[15] at CIE and Edexcel International GCE, AS/A Level are:

GCE AS/A Level courses taught at LACAS
Course Code Course Title Faculty Member
CIE 8693 English Language Ms Nadira Tamkeen
CIE 9084 Law Ali Atif
CIE 9231 Further Mathematics Mr Javaid Ahmad
CIE 9686 Urdu Mr Chaudhry Akmal
CIE 9691 Computing Mr Mubashar Nabi
CIE 9695 Literature in English Ms Ayesha Burque, Ms Kamilah Ali
CIE 9697 History Ms Sonnu Rehman
CIE 9698 Psychology Ms Komal Faisal
CIE 9699 Sociology Ms Tahira Anwar
CIE 9700 Biology Mr Sulman Qadeer
CIE 9701 Chemistry Ms Duray Najaf Bukhari, Mr Zafar Iqbal
CIE 9702 Physics Ms Talat Sajjad Qadir
CIE 9704 Art and Design Ms Najeen Iftikhar
CIE 9706 Accounting Mr Naveed Akram, Mr Shiraz Siddiq
CIE 9707 Business Studies Ms Qurat-ul-Ain Aziz, Mr Shameel Khalid
CIE 9708 Economics Mr Farida Toseef, Mr Zahid Kamal
CIE 9709 Mathematics Mr Zahid Amin, Mr Ch. Irshad Ahmed
Edexcel 9GP01 Government and Politics Ms Amna Omar

A-Level section is organized into four groups. 'Group' in LACAS is a class of students who share a similar combination of courses that fit their career choices and appropriate for their academic lifestyle. During the freshmen orientation, all students are required to initially select four or five courses from one of the four groups.[16]


'Formal assessments' and assignments/coursework are scheduled regularly and the grades are included in the end of term report. Examinations are held at the end of each academic term/semester. All these factors contribute to the scoring of a given course in an 'Academic Progress Report'. 'Parent Teacher Meetings' (PTM) are scheduled every term where the progress of each student is discussed in detail.[17]


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