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Coordinates: 31°34′38″N 74°18′48″E / 31.57735°N 74.31338°E / 31.57735; 74.31338

Lahori Gate During 19th Century
Lahori Gate Today
Lahori Gate Mosque
Not to be confused with Lahori Gate. ‹See Tfd›

The Lahori Gate is located within Walled City of Lahore in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Lahori Gate is also located on northern wall of Walled City of Delhi, Shahjahanabad, in India and led to the road from Delhi to Lahore. The name is also spelled Lohari Gate.


Lahori Gate and the Chandani Chowk behind it comprise the oldest arterial route in the Walled City of Lahore built by Akbar the great. Qutbuddin Aibak, the first Muslim ruler of the Subcontinent is buried just outside this gate. Caravans and travellers coming from Multan used to enter the city from this gate. Behind Lahori Gate also, once stood a brick fort called Kacha Kot probably the first fortified city of Lahore founded by Malik Ayyaz.

Among the few city gates that British Government cared to reconstruct, only Lahori Gate retained its original form. During Mughal period, the two famous divisions of the Walled City, namely Guzar Bahar Khan and Guzar Machhi Hatta, were served by this Gate. During the anarchaic rule of the 18th century, all the city gates, except Lahori Gate & two others were walled up.


The walled city of Delhi (known as Shahjahanabad) in India was built by Shahjahan, grandson of Akbar, who also built the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Lahori Gate is located on northern wall of Walled city of Delhi in India and led to the road from Delhi to Lahore. Caravans and travellers coming from Lahore and Punjab used to enter the Delhi city from this gate. The walls do not exist now and the Lahori Gate also does not exist. However, the place where it stood is still called Lahori Gate, and area Lahori Bazaar.

A road from Lahori Gate leads to Chandni Chowk, the main bazar of old Delhi and ends at the northern gate of the Red Fort. This gate of the Red Fort is also called Lahore Gate. Later a very wide wall was built in front of Lahore Gate so that the insides of the Red Fort may not be visible to all and sundry from Chandni Chowk. The Prime Minister of India unfurls the national flag at this wall in front of Lahore Gate of Red Fort and delivers his annual address to the nation on the independence day, 15 August.

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