Lahuli-Spiti language

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Spiti Bhoti
Native to India
Region Himachal Pradesh
Native speakers
20,000–25,000  (1996–2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
spt – Spiti Bhoti, Nyam
jda – Jad
sbu – Stod Bhoti
cna – Changthang

Lahuli–Spiti is a Tibetan language spoken in India. It is closer to Standard Tibetan than it is to Ladakhi, which is also spoken in the area.

Dialects are:[2]

Lahuli (Stod Bhoti), Spiti, Nyamkat, Changthang

Changthang is ethnically distinct, but intelligible with Stod Bhoti.


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