Lai da Curnera

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Lai da Curnera
Lai da Curnera.jpg
Location Grisons
Coordinates 46°37′36″N 8°42′49″E / 46.62667°N 8.71361°E / 46.62667; 8.71361Coordinates: 46°37′36″N 8°42′49″E / 46.62667°N 8.71361°E / 46.62667; 8.71361
Type reservoir
Catchment area 24.1 km²
Basin countries Switzerland
Surface area 0.81 km²
Max. depth 136 m
Water volume 41.1 mio m³
Surface elevation 1956 m

Lai da Curnera is a reservoir on the river Rein da Curnera in the municipality of Tujetsch, in the Grisons, Switzerland. The reservoir is linked to Lai da Sontga Maria and Lai da Nalps in the neighboring valley. The lake's volume is 41.1 mio m³ and its surface area 0.81 km².

All surrounding rivers are diverted into the reservoir, among them the Rein da Tuma, coming from Lai da Tuma (Tomasee), near the Oberalp Pass and known as the source of the river Rhine.[1] The Vorderrhein, or Anterior Rhine as the Rhine is called in this area, passes just about 2 kilometers north to the barrier of the lake. A multiday trekking route is signposted along the young Rhine called Senda Sursilvana, from where the barrier can be spotted easily.[2]

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