Laila Reiertsen

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Laila Reiertsen
Laila Reiertsen 26.jpg
Member of Parliament
for Hordaland
Assumed office
14 September 2009
Personal details
Born (1960-10-19) 19 October 1960 (age 54)
Askøy, Norway
Nationality Norwegian
Political party Progress Party
Children Four
Occupation Politician
Profession Nurse

Laila Marie Reiertsen (born 19 October 1960) is a Norwegian politician from Hordaland, residing in Os representing the Progress Party (FrP). In the 2009 parliamentary election she won Hordaland's leveling seat, becoming her party's fourth representative in that county.


Reiertsen was born at Askøy, Hordaland in 1960 to Bjarne Bjørkhaug (born 1935) and Målfrid Mathilde Heggøy (born 1940).[1] Reiertsen was married when she was sixteen years old to her one year older husband. When she was seventeen, she gave birth to their first of four children. Reiertsen joined the Progress Party already in 1980, when she was twenty years old, and in 1987 became chairman of the Os chapter of the party. She finished her education as a nurse in 1995.[2]

Prior to the 2009 election, Reiertsen called care for the elderly her main issue.[3] She has called for better funding of Helse Vest to stop the spectre of cutbacks in healthcare. Reiertsen has been critical of the Bergen Light Rail, and argued for more bus lanes instead.[4]

In parliament, Reiertsen sits in the Standing Committee on Labour and Social Affairs.[5]


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