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Laird Goulet is a Native Canadian Metis artist[1] who works primarily in acrylics. Laird has been painting since 2002[2] and has had his work displayed in the Manitoba Legislative Building.[3]


Laird Goulet's unique and vibrant painting style reflects the spiritual and artistic imprints that have been inherently transferred to him by his grandmothers. Laird uses the power dot to best capture the floral beadwork patterns and rich birchbark biting imprints that his grandmothers had mastered before him.

His paintings pay homage to the subsistence lifestyle of his Cree Moshums (Grandfathers). Hunting, trapper, fishing are common images used. Laird also enjoys painting the daily chores, collecting firewood, sawing logs and berry picking.[4]


2007 - Winner of the Peace Hills Trust First Nations art contest[5]

Laird Goulet was selected to have his works displayed in the Aboriginal Arts Program at the 2010 Winter Olympics[6]


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