Lake Ainslie

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Lake Ainslie
Location Inverness County, Nova Scotia
Coordinates 46°7′36″N 61°10′34″W / 46.12667°N 61.17611°W / 46.12667; -61.17611Coordinates: 46°7′36″N 61°10′34″W / 46.12667°N 61.17611°W / 46.12667; -61.17611
Primary outflows Margaree River
Basin countries Canada
Max. length 20 km
Islands none
Lake Ainslie, Nova Scotia.

Lake Ainslie on Cape Breton Island is one of the largest natural freshwater lake in Nova Scotia. The Southwest Margaree River starts at the lake and empties into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. The lake is approximately 20 km long and averages 5 km in width.

A number of bald eagles nest around the lake.

The lake was named after George Robert Ainslie, the Lieutenant Governor of Cape Breton Island from 1816 to 1820, when Cape Breton became part of Nova Scotia.