Lake Bästeträsk

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Bäste träsk
Bästeträsk 01.JPG
Bästeträsk seen from the western shore
Location Gotland
Basin countries Sweden
Surface area 6.52 km²
Max. depth 5 m
Frozen winter

Lake Bästeträsk is a freshwater lake located in the northern part of the Swedish island of Gotland. The lake represents 652 hectare of the 1491 hectare large Bästeträsk nature reserve.[1]

With an area of 6.52 km²[2] it is the largest lake on the island. It is connected to the Baltic Sea through the stream Arån,[3] which is a breeding ground for sea trout.

Bästeträsk is a freshwater reserve. It inhabits species such as northern pike, perch, roach, rudd, tench, european bullhead, whitefish and crayfish.[4] In winter the lake is sometimes used for ice skating.


Bäste träsk is located in Gotland
Bäste träsk
Bäste träsk
position of Bäste träsk