Lake Beeac

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Lake Beeac
Lake Beeac is located in Victoria
Lake Beeac
Lake Beeac
Location in Victoria
Location Western District Lakes, Victoria
Coordinates 38°12′18.5″S 143°36′59.5″E / 38.205139°S 143.616528°E / -38.205139; 143.616528Coordinates: 38°12′18.5″S 143°36′59.5″E / 38.205139°S 143.616528°E / -38.205139; 143.616528[1]
Type Endorheic, hypersaline
Primary outflows Evaporation
Basin countries Australia
Surface area 560 ha (1,400 acres)
References [1][2][3][4][5]

Lake Beeac, a hypersaline endorheic lake, is located near Colac in the Lakes and Craters region of the Victorian Volcanic Plains of south-west Victoria, in southeastern Australia. The 560-hectare (1,400-acre) lake is situated about 19 kilometres (12 mi) northeast of Colac, and its high salinity gives it a milky-blue colour. The lake is part of the Ramsar-listed Western District Lakes site, and enjoys international recognition of its wetland values and some protection for its waterbirds.[5]


Despite its extreme salinity, Lake Beeac supports brine shrimp which in turn feed water birds such as the banded stilt and the red-necked Avocet.[5] Birds have been known to come from as far as Siberia and China to eat the lake's shrimp.[6] The lake is an important habitat for wetland water-birds. The lake forms part of the Lake Corangamite Complex Important Bird Area, so identified by BirdLife International because it sometimes supports globally important numbers of waterbirds.[7]


In the late 19th century, salt factories were established on the shores of Lake Beeac and other nearby lakes.[5]

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