Lake Bonneville (Oregon)

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Lake Bonneville
Corps-engineers-archives bonneville dam looking east.jpg
View eastward from Bonneville Dam. Lake Bonneville is upriver from the dam. The narrow section is the inundated Cascade Rapids.
Location Oregon / Washington,
United States
Coordinates 45°42′23″N 121°48′39″W / 45.70639°N 121.81083°W / 45.70639; -121.81083Coordinates: 45°42′23″N 121°48′39″W / 45.70639°N 121.81083°W / 45.70639; -121.81083
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Columbia River
Primary outflows Columbia River
Basin countries United States
Max. length 46.8 miles (75.3 km)[1]
References [1]

Lake Bonneville is a reservoir on the Columbia River in the U.S. states of Oregon and Washington. It was created in 1937 with the construction of Bonneville Dam. The reservoir stretches between it and The Dalles Dam, upstream. It lies in parts of three counties in Oregon (Multnomah, Hood River, Wasco) and two in Washington (Skamania, Klickitat).

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