Lake Bunot

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Lake Bunot
Lake Bunot.jpg
The panorama of Lake Bunot.
Location San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines
Group Seven Lakes of San Pablo
Coordinates 14°04′59″N 121°20′35″E / 14.083°N 121.343°E / 14.083; 121.343Coordinates: 14°04′59″N 121°20′35″E / 14.083°N 121.343°E / 14.083; 121.343
Lake type crater lake
Basin countries Philippines
Surface area 30.5 ha (75 acres)
Average depth 23 m (75 ft)
Settlements San Pablo City

Lake Bunot is one of the Seven Lakes of San Pablo, Laguna. It is located in Brgy. Concepcion, San Pablo City. Only 4.5 km from the city proper, Bunot is known for its cultured tilapia and fishpens for Nilotica fingerlings. Bunot has a normal surface area of 30.5 hectares with a maximum depth of 23 meter.

Bunot is a convenient site for picnics. It is a real haven for nature lovers. Ideal for swimming and relaxation.


It is said that in the Spanish Era, some Spanish soldiers came upon a quiet lagoon and wanting to know its name for surveying purposes enquired such from a man husking coconuts by the lakeshore. As is common to many Philippine etymological myths, the man misunderstood the foreign soldiers as asking for the name of the coconut husk, and replied in Tagalog "Bunót." The Spaniards left muttering the word, thinking that it was the name of the lake.

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