Lake Eildon

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Lake Eildon
Lake Eildon late 2011.jpg
A view of the lake in 2011
Location Southern Victoria
Coordinates 37°12′50″S 145°55′52″E / 37.214°S 145.931°E / -37.214; 145.931Coordinates: 37°12′50″S 145°55′52″E / 37.214°S 145.931°E / -37.214; 145.931
Lake type Reservoir
Primary inflows Goulburn River, Delatite River and Howqua River
Primary outflows Goulburn River
Basin countries Australia
Max. length 70 km
Surface area 13,832 ha
Average depth 24 m
Max. depth 79 m[1]
Water volume 3,334,158 ML

Lake Eildon is an impoundment, created by the Eildon Weir, on the Goulburn and Delatite Rivers in Victoria, Australia. At 3,334,158 megalitres (117,744.7×10^6 cu ft) when full, it contains six times as much water as Sydney Harbour and is the second largest water storage in Victoria after Dartmouth Dam.[2] It is located at the town of Eildon, within Lake Eildon National Park. Lake Eildon is connected to the metropolitan water supply of Melbourne, the state capital, via a pipeline from the Goulburn River.


The lake was created in several stages. The first dam was constructed between 1915 and 1929, creating what was then known as Sugarloaf Reservoir. The storage was enlarged to 377,000 megalitres in 1935, and then enlarged almost tenfold between 1951 and 1955.[3] On average, 91% of the water from Lake Eildon goes to the Goulburn Weir and the Waranga Basin before it flows to irrigators in the Goulburn Valley system.

Drought and Recovery[edit]

During the drought years in Victoria in the 2000s, Lake Eildon rarely filled and the once-thriving holiday destinations around the lake were unable to attract visitors, leading to considerable economic hardship. Although water is in great demand for agriculture, careful regulation has kept outflows fairly static. During November 2006 the lake dropped to a low of only 15% from the previous year level of 48.3%.[4]

After many years with below average rainfall, 2010 saw Lake Eildon receive above average rainfall and rose from 23% of capacity in May 2010 to be 82.5% as of March 2011. As of October 2012 the lake is 99.4% full.[5]

In film[edit]

The nearby town of Bonnie Doon was the location for the holiday scenes in the movie, The Castle. In Taylor Bay, Lake Eildon in 1987 some of the cast of TV show 'Neighbours, Countdown producer Gavin Wood and drummer 'Animal' from Hey Hey It's Saturday' made 'Australia's Worst Film Ever' called 'Houseboat Horror'


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