Lake Galvė

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Lake Galvė
Lake Galvė - view from camping.JPG
Lake Galvė - view from Totoriškės village
Location Trakai, Lithuania
Coordinates 54°39′36″N 24°55′48″E / 54.66000°N 24.93000°E / 54.66000; 24.93000Coordinates: 54°39′36″N 24°55′48″E / 54.66000°N 24.93000°E / 54.66000; 24.93000
Basin countries Lithuania
Surface area 3.61 km2 (1.39 sq mi)
Islands 21 (Trakai Island Castle)

Lake Galvė is a lake in Trakai Lithuania. It has 21 islands, and one of them houses Trakai Island Castle. Trakai Peninsula Castle is located on its southern shore. There are ruins of the little Orthodox church in Bažnytėlė Island. The lake and most of the other lakes surrounding the castle and city have myths and legends connected to them, of which most contain a tragic love story. The lakes and castle are therefore also said to be haunted.