Lake George (Michigan–Ontario)

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Coordinates: 46°24′23″N 84°07′11″W / 46.40639°N 84.11972°W / 46.40639; -84.11972
Lake George
Countries United States, Canada
States Michigan, Ontario
Districts Chippewa County, Algoma District
Part of Great Lakes Basin
 - Primary inflows St. Marys River
Elevation 176 m (577 ft)
Coordinates 46°24′23″N 84°07′11″W / 46.40639°N 84.11972°W / 46.40639; -84.11972
Primary outflow East Neebish Channel to St. Joseph Channel
 - coordinates 46°20′21″N 84°06′31″W / 46.33917°N 84.10861°W / 46.33917; -84.10861
Length 16 km (10 mi)
Width 7 km (4 mi)
Location of Lake George in Ontario

Lake George is a lake in Chippewa County, Michigan, United States, and Algoma District, Northwestern Ontario, Canada,[1][2][3] that lies between Sugar Island in Michigan on the west and the Ontario mainland on the east.

The lake is in the Great Lakes Basin and is part of Lake Huron and the St. Marys River. The primary inflow is the river arriving from Little Lake George at the north, and the primary outflow is the East Neebish Channel to the St. Joseph Channel at the south.


Clockwise from mouth

  • In Michigan
    • Rock Bottom Creek (right)
    • Wilmar Creek (right)
  • In Ontario
    • Bar River (left)
    • Echo River (left)


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